What Working In The Public Service Industry Has Taught Me

It’s been nearly a month since I quit my job as a waitress, after loyally serving my post for 1.5 months at I Won’t Name Names Café. My decision to work there was based on the desire to be financially independent from my parents, at least for some period of time. I had a teaching assistant position in mind, but after receiving the hint that I should better apply from September (kids don’t like to study in general, but they especially don’t like to study during summer), I took the next best option. Despite being tiring, it was actually quite a fun experience, and I even managed to learn a couple of things during those 48 days. This is what I plan on sharing with you today.

1) Judge a person by how nice they are to public service workers. If someone is a bitch when you bring them their muffin, they are more likely to be a bitch in general (scientifically proven…sort of)

2) People prefer to order coffee over anything else, so if a client is having trouble choosing, you know what to suggest.

3) You can stay hungry for much longer than you think. You can also refrain from going to the bathroom for much longer than you think.

4) The table isn’t clean until the manager tells you it’s clean. See that spot that’s been there for centuries and is impossible to clean? Clean it.

5) Waiters/waitresses bitch about unpleasant clients all the time! If you’ve just been rude to your server, please be aware that they’ve already gone and complained to the bartender, who is now calling you “donkey man” from behind the bar stand.

6) If you memorize the whole menu, it still doesn’t guarantee that you won’t mess up at least one ingredient in “Spicy Chicken Curry” sandwich.

7) When working on night-shift, just known that left-over croissants are not going to make it till the morning. You will share them with the other staff after the clock strikes midnight.

8) You can eat Nutella every morning and still lose around 4 kilos. Who needs a gym when you can just run around waiting tables for seven hours?

9) Nobody cares if the place officially closes at twelve. If the owner decides to pay a visit, know you’ll be staying there until he finds out who recorded that extra order of orange juice.

10) Saving money is much harder than it looks, especially when you mostly rely on tips.

11) The food they make for the staff is nothing like anything written in the menu. I’m not saying that the cook did a bad job, but there were definitely no free brownies.

12) If you’re a female working in the public service industry, there WILL be creepy clients trying to hit on you. The best you can do is be grateful for the tip they leave, and hope that they never come again.

13) There will always be that one staff member who is a bit of tyrant during work hours, and a friendly person outside of that time frame. Soon enough you’ll learn that they don’t hate you, but simply embrace their position.

14)  You will grow to recognize several regular clients, and will grow to love them shortly after. These are the people you will fully forgive for sometimes not leaving tips (I should just write a separate post about tips).

15) This job is guaranteed to significantly improve your memory, make you fitter, assist you in becoming a multi-tasker and even make you a better person. I’m not even kidding, or complimenting myself. Ok, maybe I am complimenting myself.

For those readers that have worked in the public service industry, I hope this post was relatable. For those that haven’t – be nice to waiters/waitresses, it’s a harder task than you might expect.


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3 Responses to What Working In The Public Service Industry Has Taught Me

  1. BunKaryudo says:

    That was an interesting post. Does number 7 mean the cook tends to make rush orders of 500 croissants at 11.50 each night? Bye the way, “IWon’tNameNames Café”? Think I went there once.


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