Why I Recommend Periodically Deactivating Your Account/s

People need a break from other people. Before the era of technology, becoming tired of socializing meant locking yourself up in your own house and avoiding the outside world for as long as you saw fit. However, after the appearance of social networking, you don’t get that break even in the privacy of your own home. Now it honestly doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it is. Humans may be social animals, but that doesn’t mean that they need to be connected to each other for twenty four hours a day. The logical solution is not to log in to any social networks for a while, but the very fact that I’m still somehow involved, that people can still write to me, invite me somewhere etc bothers me a bit. Sometimes it’s good to be completely cut-off; knowing that the people you really need (and who really need you back) will just pick up the phone and call after that your profile has been wiped off the net. Not to mention that, out of all the social networking accounts available, I only have poor old Facebook, which makes the task much easier for me.

I hope this post doesn’t get taken the wrong way. It’s neither about being tired of speaking to people online (so please, don’t act all hurt if you’re on my friends list), or cutting yourself off completely, or even about an addiction – if I don’t want to be online, I won’t. I’m just saying that the very idea of being separating myself from the outside world for some time is quite appealing, especially now that I’m about to start classes again*. So why do I recommend periodically deactivating Facebook/other networks? Because, as funny as it may sound, it’s healthy for your mind.

*Except my blog. I don’t want to deactivate my blog.


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