It’s Complicated

I guess now would be an appropriate time to admit that I’ve spent the last five years in a complicated relationship with my guitar. Okay, maybe not just one guitar, but, y’know, guitars in general.

You see, at the tender, innocent age of thirteen, I made the decision to take up a new hobby. Back then I was really into all these indie bands (which makes me cringe to think about it now, although I’m still a devoted fan of the Arctic Monkeys), so the learning guitar just seemed like the perfect way to spend my free time. Much to my dismay, I turned out to be quite a lazy child and didn’t put much effort into maintaining the relationship, so we were forced to break up soon after it arrived in Amazon’s signature cardboard packaging.

The second time I returned to my instrument was at fourteen years old, when I started attending professional lessons with my friend from school. I was slightly envious of her relationship –  she served her guitar loyally, spending time with it nearly every evening, and it returned the favour by…well…sounding good. I was inspired to start all over again and even reopened a folder called “chords” on my desktop. This time our relationship lasted longer, but some time after I lost interest, causing a repetition of the previous year’s dilemma.

After that I avoided the instrument for approximately two years, until I stumbled across it whilst sorting out my things. When I picked it up, it was pleasantly surprising to observe that I actually remembered something, and a wave of nostalgia washed over me. I decided to try again for the third time. After another two years of on-and-off playing, I’m come to the realization that I’m actually pretty good. Maybe I can’t switch between bar chords at the speed that I would like, but it’s not like I’m newbie either. I never took us seriously, but, at the end of the day, life just seems to feel more complete with my guitar than without it.  Sometimes I pick the instrument up with joy, and sometimes I force myself to play simply because it’s necessary if I wish to maintain it as a hobby. I often return to it in times of need, especially if I’m having relationship problems and need a “shoulder to cry on”, or simply want to block out the world for some time and strum along to Lana Del Rey songs.

I haven’t had the guts to go public yet, but it’s in my plans for the future. I mean, people do know about me and my guitar, and have even seen us a couple of times together, especially when I could afford to play some easy chords without fear of messing up. However, I think it’s time to be more open about everything, now that I’m older and more experienced. It’s been quite a bumpy ride, but with some effort from my side, things should work out in the end.


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