I’ve Converted…To Minimalism

“If you want to make a change, start with your blog”, a wise man once (should have) said.

As you can tell, I’ve gone through all 29 blog posts and deleted every single picture. I can already sense several questions arising:

“Why? They were pretty!”

“Do you have enough free time to do that?”

“When are you going to deal with your OCD?” (okay, this one was a joke).

Dear reader, it suddenly hit me that I don’t want a more pretentious version of my 14-year-old tumblr blog; I don’t want this to look like something it’s not meant to be. Just like that, I felt as though images were unnecessary and distracting. Not only that, but I’m also planning on significantly reducing the length of my posts, which will allow me to be more straight to the point. If I’m too lazy to read a thousand words, I assume other people must be too. Let my old posts remain long (after all, its easier to delete images than shorten 29 entries), but don’t be surprised if my new ones are considerably different.

Better things are coming soon, so “stay tuned”. I love each and every single one of you.


About evecatherine15

I wanted to write a clever, interesting little description, but I'm already writing clever, interesting and not-so-little posts. Follow me for my modesty!
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One Response to I’ve Converted…To Minimalism

  1. vivienneforever says:

    Goodluck! Cant wait!


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