Hear Me Complain/Tagging Is Problematic

You know what’s really annoying about blogging?


Tags are the little demons you know you have to get through every time you publish a blog post. I’m actually grateful to WordPress for having a limit – without that; I would be lost in the endless possibilities of tag choices. For those of you that are new to blogging/don’t even blog, tags are a set of key words which allow people to find your post in the mess of information that is the internet. Tags should be related to the content of your post (e.g. a movie review is likely to include the tags “movie” “review” “entertainment” “criticism” and so on).

Tagging isn’t meant to be a complicated process, but I find myself over thinking it every damn time, especially taking into account the limit of 15 words. It’s the same questions every time:

  • Are the tags relevant enough?
  • Which tags will get me more views?
  • Should I use plurals of words, or the singular? (e.g. “relationship” vs “relationships”)
  • How should I word a concept? (e.g. “happiness” as in “joy” as in “positivity” as in “positive thinking” as in…)
  • Should I use synonyms?
  • Why is my first world life so hard?

As a result, I often revisit a post several times and re-tag it, deleting some tags and replacing them with others. And then I regret deleting the original tags so I might just visit it once more to replace the new words with old ones. I’m strongly convinced that if the perfect tags are chosen, any post can blow up. This is why I will proudly continue to over think my word choices whilst simultaneously torturing myself with my obsessive personality.

Thanks for listening to me cry. You can go now.


About evecatherine15

I wanted to write a clever, interesting little description, but I'm already writing clever, interesting and not-so-little posts. Follow me for my modesty!
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