Productivity = Happiness

Unless you are suffering from serious mental health problems such as severe depression (which requires so much more than simply “snapping out” of it), being productive will always make things a bit better. I know people may be tired of hearing it already, but I firmly believe that many things are repeated because they are true. As we all know, life is more of a bumpy ride than a smooth, relaxing trip. A lot of the time, things so wrong, and we find ourselves feeling sad/lonely/unmotivated and all those other feelings we hate. And when we feel that way, the last thing we want to do is be productive. But let me tell you one thing – being productive cannot make anything worse than it already is.

What I mean by that statement is that getting things done will always make things better, no matter how shitty you feel. I’m convinced that most people have at least one thing that they need to get done. Often, if the task is unrelated to one’s favourite hobby, that “thing” isn’t very interesting. For example, I’ve just started my third year at university, and that “thing” for me is studying. For others it may be work, or cleaning the house, or starting a new exercise regime. No matter how down you feel at the moment, you can probably find at least one responsibility.

From this point onwards, I advise you to read very carefully and at least consider my advice. Starting can be difficult, especially when everything else seems pretty hopeless. However, there is one universal rule: the more productive you are, the more accomplished you feel. Feeling accomplished is already a positive feeling, which is likely to drive you to start improving other aspects in your life. Productivity generates more productivity, just as positivity generates more positivity.

As you may have gathered from my previous posts, I’ve had a pretty rough summer/start to the autumn. Nonetheless, I’ve been trying to be as productive as possible, which has really made a difference. That’s not to say that I’m striving for excellence at the moment, but doing something is still always better than doing nothing. For example, I may not always find myself in the right mindset to read the whole chapter for my finance class, but I’m sure as hell going to skim through it anyway just to get the general idea. Likewise, I don’t always have the motivation to do a killer workout, but even ten minutes of light exercise is better than spending those ten minutes sitting on the sofa. I think you get where I’m going with this.

People often forget that success and happiness are results of daily victories. Everyone wants to be successful and happy, but people often see it as a long and tedious journey. I’m not saying that productivity is easy, but it becomes easier if you work on yourself from a daily standpoint. Although I was reluctant to do it before, I’ve realized that breaking down tasks and crossing them off from to-do lists really does help. I know many people are sick of hearing the same advice (myself included), but there’s no denying that it’s true.

In short, you may be feeling shitty and hopeless right now, but do your work anyway. A month or two later, when life becomes better for you, you’re not going to care about the mood you were in now. Moreover, you’re going to be proud of yourself for being productive even when you didn’t feel like it. Like I said, productivity cannot make things worse than they already are – only better. So make a list of everything you need to do, break it down into smaller tasks and get started. And whether you do it with a smile on your face or with a look of death won’t matter in the long run.


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2 Responses to Productivity = Happiness

  1. Ethan Nelson says:

    Thanks for the great post. I like the part where you said that being productive leads to more productivity, and that being productive definitely won’t make things any worse it just can make things better.
    You just received a new follower. Now I don’t want to spam or anything but I was wondering if you could check out my blog at ,my latest article is about happiness. Thanks again.
    -Ethan Nelson


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