First Friday of November

The first of November decided to grace us with its presence by sending a generous amount of snow. It was already snowing just past midnight on Halloween. So Halloween felt weirdly like Christmas, if you managed to ignore all the Harley Quinn costumes. If you’ve followed me for long enough, you will be aware of the fact that I love the start of a new month. I feel like the first of anything gives you a chance to be a little bit better. But I think the weather took it too literally.

Somehow, I believe that November will be a good month. I can’t quite say why, but I know that my intuition rarely fails me. It’s that feeling of looking forward to events that don’t even exist yet; anticipating nice things. Also, before you direct weird looks towards your screen, I want to let you know that my posts aren’t going to be so raw in November. Tonight, I just wanted to share my thoughts. And it turned out pretty messy.


About evecatherine15

I wanted to write a clever, interesting little description, but I'm already writing clever, interesting and not-so-little posts. Follow me for my modesty!
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