You know you’ve been watching too many people on YouTube when:

  • You’re subscribed to over 20 vloggers
  • You feel like you know these people on a personal level
  • You have to remind yourself that you don’t know these people on a personal level
  • You proceed to feel incredibly lame for having to remind yourself that you don’t know these people on a personal level
  • Your personality starts to resemble a combination of several different personalities
  • You realize that these people have given you better advice that some of the tips you received in real life
  • You feel some sort of gratitude towards these people
  • You stop watching TV series because real lives become more interesting to observe
  • You come to the conclusion that you’ve learn more from watching videos (from educational material, to news, to personal things, to diet advice, to make-up and beauty tips) than you’ve learnt from real life experiences
  • You find yourself gaining inspiration from other people’s creativity

Now don’t get me wrong. I never prioritize watching videos over real-life hobbies and responsibilities (okay, almost never). But since it’s the holiday, and I’m only “required” to work part-time and go out to see friends, time has suddenly become more abundant. That means I can now find interesting YouTube channels and scroll through different videos in between other things. If you know me well, you would know how much I LOVE to search for interesting vloggers and then binge-watch all of their videos. It gives you the chance to share other people’s emotions, dreams and plans without actually changing your environment (I wouldn’t mind changing that to be honest, but it’s not something that can be done instantly).

However, there’s a difference between watching quality, interesting content and dumb prank videos. That’s why you need to make an effort to find the right type of people who can actually teach you something, instead of just showing how to pick up girls on the street (*ahem*). Lately, I’ve been more into British content creators, some of which include Lucy Moon (she is just perfection), Dodie Clark, Carrie Fletcher, Hannah Witton and Will Darbyshire. Once I grew out of my “Dan-and-Phil, Charlie McDonnell, Zoella” phase a few years ago, I ended up dumping the website for a while, so it’s great to be able to find people I love once again. Maybe I’ve been watching people for such a long time that it’s grown into a habit? I don’t know. All I know is that you can pretty much learn anything from that website. Really.


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