I’m not one to preach about the existence of the supernatural. Moreover, I don’t really bother my brain with these questions concerning of late. But there’s one thing I know for sure – I have a damn strong intuition.

Now, what even IS intuition? I asked my good friend google to explain the concept for me, and it hit me with this definition: A thing that one knows or considers likely from instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning. Usually, I don’t like to discuss these topics because of their subjectivity, but it cannot be denied that my intuition is putting in a lot of good work during the past couple of years.

Whenever somebody tells me about something (especially if it’s a problem), I can usually predict – with a good deal of accuracy – the outcome of the situation. If it feels as though everything is going to be okay, I usually let the person know. And guess what? It usually turns out okay. Likewise, if I feel the opposite, I might just keep my mouth shut. Whatever the outcome, I can pride myself on my accuracy.

Ironically, my intuition only stops working properly in the case of my own issues. Shame.


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I wanted to write a clever, interesting little description, but I'm already writing clever, interesting and not-so-little posts. Follow me for my modesty!
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