As you already may be aware, today is the first of March. Today is also the first day of spring, and – most importantly – the first day of my birthday month (okay, most importantly for me, although I’m flattered if you share my viewpoint). Ever since I can remember, firsts always got me thinking about change. A month may not seem like an awfully long period of time, yet it’s enough to accommodate some relatively significant changes. However, whether these changes are good or bad depends on the degree to which you can exercise your willpower.

Let’s consider it from the following perspective: as humans, we have the ability to determine the type of person we would like to be, as well as the type of person we want no association with. Accordingly, we also know what behaviours are going to help us become that person, and which ones are likely to push us back. Sadly, old habits die hard, whilst willpower takes some time to train.

Change is often daunting. It’s viewed as a concept that requires a lot of effort, and our lazy human nature drives us to avoid additional strain. However, things become easier when you consider changing things for thirty days as opposed to forever. Like I said, we all want to improve something in our lives; be it our grades, our health, our looks or even our personality. But instead of deciding to fix everything forever, we can patch it up for a month and see where it takes us. I’m pretty sure it will be somewhere pleasant.

So, let’s make March 2017 a good one.


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