The 21st Century Paradox

I’m certain many of you are tired about hearing about the recent changes in the US political climate. With half of the nation protesting and screaming “bigot” at their new president, whilst the remaining half trying to protest against the protests, it’s no secret that America has become significantly more unstable during the last couple of months.

So what’s the deal? On the surface, it seems pretty simple. Liberalists are upset because they remain convinced that the new president is racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, islamophobic and generally a bit incompetent. The conservatives, on the other hand, are also upset because they believe president Trump was fairly elected, and will certainly make “America great again” (whilst also shouting “fake news” at any outlet that broadcasts anything remotely disagreeing with Trump). However, there’s more to this conflict that meets the eye.

We’re all pretty much used to the modern world being associated with freedom, with the Western Hemisphere viewed as somewhat of an epitome for Liberalism (the other regions still have a bit of catching up to do). Likewise, we’re also constantly reminded of not only how beneficial this is to society, but that it’s the only way forward. Sure, being racist is inherently wrong. Oppressing women is inherently wrong. Assaulting gay people is inherently wrong. But this understanding shouldn’t come from political propaganda – any individual who is not a complete asshole (pardon my French) should have an internal understanding of this. However, a problem arises when people start creating a problem in the absence of one, or greatly exaggerating social issues that are not relevant anymore.

From personal observation, I have noticed oppression being pointed out in completely unrelated situations. It’s almost as if people are desperately seeking out a reason to protest, turning things over and leaving a stream of chaos behind them. Instead of truly promoting a more accepting society, straight white males are now being targeted as the “bad guys”, their behaviour being closely monitored for even the slightest trace of sexism/racism/homophobia/transphobia/islamophobia/xenophobia. Ironically, the fight for social justice has resulted in a new type of oppression, and a decline in freedom of speech.

Now, you have every right to disagree with me – there’s nothing better than an intellectual debate. However, if you find yourself being offended by me expressing my opinion, considering the civil and relatively unbiased manner in which I’ve done it in, it would be best to see where this reaction stems from – internal reasons or cunning external influence?


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