Chasing Happiness

For some people, happiness is not simply a mood, or an emotion felt often. For some people, happiness is a very rare state of mind that comes once in a blue moon and always leaves a trail of sadness behind it. Joy becomes a forbidden feeling; if you feel it, and if everything seems to be going right for once, you must be punished for it sooner or later. Sometimes, this punishment occurs as a result of your own course of action, and other times – just by chance. Either way, whether you ruin things yourself or things become ruined by chance, life does not allow you to feel happy; to be comfortable. You begin to speak to other people, and see that the things which are granted naturally to them are the things you constantly seem to have to fight for, and often with no compensation in return. And that confuses you, because all your life you’ve heard the words “put effort into changing things, and you will be rewarded”. Yet nobody warned you about the possibility of a constant struggle with no reward.


About evecatherine15

I wanted to write a clever, interesting little description, but I'm already writing clever, interesting and not-so-little posts. Follow me for my modesty!
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