Welcome Aboard

Nearly a year ago, I compared the process of starting this blog to a one-night stand. Yes, I literally wrote the following:

“Considering that I have the tendency to start projects and not finish them, I’d like to warn you in advance that I’m making no promises. Let’s compare this blog to a one night stand – it seems like a good idea at this moment in time, and it can either end in a great relationship or be forgotten and never returned to. I’ll try to stick with the first option”.

It’s already been ten months, so I guess we’re onto something.

If you’re already familiar with some of my posts, you may have noticed that a lot of it is just  existential stuff mixed in with my own thoughts and beliefs. In other words, a good percentage of my content is just me overthinking and then putting it into words. I know people claim that blogs can’t be general, but I say blogs can be whatever the hell you want them to be.

Now that the “blog description” part is done, let’s get to know each other a bit better (and by that I mean let me introduce myself, because this is still one-sided). Here are some facts about me:

  • I’m a girl
  • I’m nineteen years old
  • Even though I study business at university, I’m actually more of a creative person instead of a technical one
  • I love to write
  • I’m also quite good a writing, which is why I’ve chosen it as my part-time profession – FREELANCE WRITERS UNITE!
  • I’ve been playing the guitar on and off for about five years
  • Good music is my biggest motivator

And with this (not so) short introduction, feel free to wander around my blog, and leave comments if you want.


2 Responses to Welcome Aboard

  1. Oh my god, I compared my blog to a one night stand as well, in my first post hahaha, what is wrong with us!! In all seriousness though, love your blog, it’s very relatable and written wonderfully honestly. Thanks for being so honest! x


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