Before anybody gets upset, this is not a goodbye post. I have successfully maintained this blog for nearly two years, and it has become incredibly dear to me. I have shared so much on during this period of time, that I would never think of leaving, not to mention deleting, my Unbiased Opinion site.

However, I also feel like I need to write about a wider range of topics than just my thoughts and “unbiased” opinions on random things. This is why I have decided to start another blog that will be a bit more serious (typing “serious” with a serious face here).

Millennial Existentialist will be a more “grown-up”, well-written and somewhat educational version of this site, so if you like my current content, you might just like this even more. Make sure to follow for a more grown-up version of me – I hope to see you soon.

PS. I’ll still be running this site, but not posting as much as before. After all, I have a new focus now.



About evecatherine15

I wanted to write a clever, interesting little description, but I'm already writing clever, interesting and not-so-little posts. Follow me for my modesty!
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